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Campaign Goal: $18M

Creating the World Citizen Experience to train and encourage generations to better Citizenship.

Remodel: 2025

Launch: 2026 (aligned with 100th anniversary of the historic Route 66)

Space: 190% (increase in refurbished/remodeled facility)

Hands-on interactive exhibits: 40 

Redesigned Exhibit Spaces: 18

Students Impacted Yearly: 10,000+

World Impact: Immeasurable

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What Supporters Are Saying about Will Rogers...

“Will’s idea basically was a simple one: Cooperation, not division and he was the perfect representation for this idea.”

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Hollywood Actor; two consecutive Primetime Emmy Award Winner

“Will Rogers epitomized America: humble, decent, a man of goodness and good will. Creative, spirited, a trendsetter and a man of enduring talent. He was the best of society and held our hands in the worst and most desperate of times.” 

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Honorable Frank Keating

25th governor of Oklahoma from 1995 to 2003

Award-winning Author

“More than ever, our country needs the common sense and ability to laugh at itself that Will Rogers provided. His humility and humor would be so welcome in today's world.”

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The longest-serving President Pro Tempore of the Oklahoma Senate

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For Questions, Clarifications or to make a Contribution, please see contact Info below or submit an inquiry online. 

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Join World Citizens who advocate the values, principles, leadership qualities, wit, work ethic and world impact of America's original Indian-Cowboy Movie Star, Journalist, Broadway Actor, Radio Personality, Humanitarian and Humorist. 

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