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Our Vision

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Dear World Leaders and Prospective Donors,


I hope you have heard the amazing news! The Will Rogers Memorial Museum, honoring my great-grandfather, is completely being re-imagined. This top tourist attraction is located in Claremore, Oklahoma along America’s historic Route 66 also known as “The Mother Road.”


Our campaign will fund a complete renovation of this beautiful 1938 facility. 

It will showcase Will's amazing life and character traits of good world citizenship that he modeled - appreciation, exploration, work, laughter, integrity, enthusiasm, empathy, learning, relaxing, and giving.


We understand the world needs a role model in this unsettling time. 
Will Rogers is the perfect candidate as one of the most influential writers, movie stars, stage performers, humorists, and humanitarians of the 20th century. 

The TOGETHER WE WILL campaign funds our effort to bring the Will Rogers Memorial Museum into the 21st century with modern, immersive exhibits for world travelers of all ages. It will ensure a safe environment to store and preserve the museum’s treasures, all while extending Will Rogers’ love for his fellow man with our Will Rogers: World Citizen Experience promoting civil discourse, good citizenship, and a life well-lived.


I hope you will join us in this impactful campaign. Please feel free to reach out to me personally if you have questions, need clarifications or have ideas on how you can play a part in this transformational initiative.



Jennifer Rogers-Etcheverry

Great Granddaughter of Will Rogers

Will Rogers Memorial Foundation Board Member

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        Want to Know More?

The Will Rogers Memorial Foundation Board/Campaign Committee is eager to share project details, educational programming and philanthropic opportunities surrounding this transformational campaign.

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