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A far-reaching program and education/inspirational platform has been named ‘Will Rogers – the World Citizen Experience’..



Educators, Curators, Exhibit Specialists and Programmers have designed a themed journey so that students, vacationers and world explorers can enjoy Will’s story and immerse themselves in the character traits that made him beloved the world over. Incorporated into the themed platform are Purpose Statement-related questions. Examples: 



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Parallel Lines
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Will Rogers

Explorers/Participants answer these questions: 

  • What character traits made Will Rogers a World Citizen?

  • What mediums did Will Rogers use to connect to 40 million World Citizens?

  • What values did Will Rogers have?

  • How did Will Rogers use humor as an effective way to connect to people of all backgrounds?

  • What favorite things have you learned about Will Rogers?

  • Will had a strong sense of family. What are some examples?


Explorers/Participants answer these questions: 

  • How can we do our part to be a better citizen?

  • Which character trait can improve an aspect of your life and would encourage others?

  • What vehicles can we use to positively influence others in our role as World Citizens?

  • What positive character traits do you already have that make people appreciate you?

  • If you were to be more like Will Rogers, in what areas would you improve: Appreciation, Exploring, Work, Laughter, Integrity, Enthusiasm, Empathy, Learning, Relaxing and Giving

Child Model

Click Download to review the full
Business Case featuring the
World Citizen Experience
Platform (PDF) 

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Our Citizen Role Model

Will Rogers is the perfect Citizen Role Model because of his historic ability to bring people together.  ‘Will Rogers – the World Citizen Experience' is an encouraging, values-based program students of all ages. 

Age-appropriate programming and curriculum will be designed to teach kids the traits that made Will beloved by everyone and include historical elements of his life and experience.


On-Site Experience

Strategic and interactive exhibits within ‘Will Rogers – the World Citizen Experience’ feature, illustrate and demonstrate Will’s 10 character traits: Appreciation, Exploring, Work, Laughter, Integrity, Enthusiasm, Empathy, Learning, Relaxing and Giving.

The sky is the limit on exhibit creation and interaction and Will Rogers was cutting edge in everything he did.  The new exhibits will allow visitors to learn the basics of Will's life, or dig deeper into his life and truly explore his impact on the world.

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Off-Site Exploration

Through the explosive world of streaming video, apps, and social media, Will's values, principles, wit and humor can be delivered digitally and interactively to participants across the globe. 

Young and old 'explorers' alike can enjoy ‘Will Rogers – the World Citizen Experience’ built upon Will’s 10 popular, world-changing character traits. 


All I Know is What I Read in the Papers

Will Rogers was able to reach into the homes of millions of people with is weekly and daily articles.  He started writing a weekly column in 1922 and a daily column in 1927.  Over 600 newspapers across the country carried Will's daily thoughts and he wrote a daily until the day he died.

Throughout the museum, Will's wit and wisdom will be reflected and shared with visitors and his quotes are timeless.

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Click Here to learn about Will's love of aviation. (PDF) 


The Voice of Aviation

Will Rogers was the greatest civilian proponent of air travel.  He said that if your time means anything to you, a person should fly to get there.  This during an age when air travel was in its infancy.

Will was friends with great pilots like Wiley Post and Charles Lindbergh and he even supported the creation of an air force.  Will's impact on world travel will encourage young explorers.

The new exhibit will share Will's passion for aviation and allow visitors to be like Will and see what it was like to ride in a mail plane.


Radio Pundit

Will Rogers conquered all forms of media during his time, including radio.  His first broadcast was in 1922 and he eventually had his own show. Churches would even schedule their services around Will's show so people could hear Will and attend church.

His most famous radio speech came at the beginning of the great depression when Will was asked to open for President Herbert Hoover.

Visitors will have a chance to make their own radio moment and listen to some of Will's historic radio commentary.

Steamboat Round the Bend.jpg

Click Here to learn about Will's movie career.


Top Movie Star

Will Rogers left the stage to go to Hollywood and become a movie star.  He performed in 50 silent movies, but when the the "Talkies" started, that is when Will shined.  He made 21 talkies and was the #1 movie star in 1934. 

His movies helped calm a nation during the difficult time of The Great Depression and help the country to smile.

The new exhibit will have a mini Theatre to enjoy a short documentary on Will's career and visitors will be able to see authentic posters, outfits and other movie memorabilia.


Will on Vaudeville and the Follies

Will Rogers got his major break on the stage.  First on Vaudeville and then in the Ziegfeld Follies.  He started with his incredible trick roping and then he added commentary of the day.  His daily bantering made his show unique and people wanted to hear what Will had to say.

The new exhibit will explore his career on stage and how he went from just a trick roper, to the voice of the common man.

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Click Here to learn about Will's stage career

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Humanitarian Efforts

Will Rogers made a great living with all the different entertainment mediums that he mastered, but he never forgot his roots and what was really important.  He said, "It is great to be great, but it's greater to be human."

Will gave of his time, money and influence to help people around American and the world.

The new exhibit will share the stories of Will's humanitarian efforts, from Nicaragua, to the floods of the Mississippi to small town fundraising visits. 


The Crescendo and Tragic loss of
America's Cowboy Philosopher

Will Rogers was the most recognized person in America in 1935.  He was everywhere, movies, radio, speaking and his daily column was read by everyone.  There wasn't a person that didn't know of and love Will Rogers.

Then on August, 15, 1935, Will and famed aviator Wiley Post died in a tragic plane crash in the Alaska Territory.  The entire world went into mourning.

The new and powerful exhibit will take visitors to the mountain top of Will's life in 1935 and then to the secluded crash site, where his life ended. They will then experience the nation in mourning, from all walks of life and understand why the wonderful Will Rogers Memorial was built in 1938.

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Will's Legacy

After Will's passing, the nation wanted to pay its respects to Will and they did so in numerous ways.  Entities were named after Will, from schools, to hospitals, to laundromats and monuments went up all around the country.

Books were written, paintings were made and about every conceivable trinket was made to honor Will Rogers.

Legacy Hall will share with visitors the tremendous love and passion that people all over this great nation had for Will Rogers. 



Seniors, adults and even children can have a 'hands on' impact surrounding Will Rogers-related special events, themed functions, educational happenings and popular gatherings.

Volunteer services are welcome during Will Rogers Days, Will Rogers Parade, Group Tours, Speaker Request Form and Speakers Series, Traveling Exhibitions, Senior Citizens Visitations, Special Events and Activities. An interactive FAQ and 'Apply Now' is helpful by way of touchable devices and user-friendly kiosks.  

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